Workshop WCC on e-government

During the Cross section of WCC 2008 held in Milan on 9 September 2008, Workshop has been programmed, entitle  “Workshop Open Format: quali proposte per il nuovo Governo? Open Standard, Formati dei dati e dei documenti” (Workhop Open Format: what proposals for the new Goverment? Open Standards, Formats for data and documents) in which, beside my humble self, some of the protagonists of the recent debate on standardization in Italy have been invited. From Andrea Valboni of Microsoft, to Domenico Squillace of Uninfo, to Angelo Raffaele Meo of Politecnico di Milano, former president of the governmental commission on open source bringing his name and my friend Roberto Galoppini.

The event is upon payment. Organized by Prof. Flavia Marzano, its lead theme will be “Evaluating if and how a proposal to the Goverment is possible to adopt standards for documents and data, in the light of the new ISO standards: ODF, PDF, OOXML), at least in the Public Administration”.

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