Koss conference in Korea

On November 17 I will fly over to Korea to attend and speak at what seems the largest Free Software event so far in the country, under the auspices of the Korean Government, through the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), and with the sponsoring also of the FSFE.

A few more details:

2011 FOSS Con. Korea will be an excellent opportunity to meet high level decision-makers from IT innovators such as Samsung and LG, key government officials involved in IT policy and legislation, and to explore current best practice with international FOSS thought-leaders.  This event will build new partnerships and positively impact on FOSS adoption, growth and governance in Korea and further afield via the global reach of Korean manufacturing.
Conference Sessions:
The first day of conference will consist of 10 sessions designed to build understanding of Free Software legal and business issues, and will be open to the public.
The second day will be an invitation-only seminar for 30~40 decision-makers that provides a high-level forum to discuss compliance and governance challenges in the Korean market, and a chance for informal networking between Korean and international thought leaders.

Other people attending include Karsten Gerloff, Keith Bergelt, Till Jaeger, Armijn Hemel, McCoy Smith. Also one of the most pre-eminent experts in Free Software communication and business consultancy in the Far East Area, Shane Coughlan of Opendawn will be active in the conference.

If you are in the region, please consider participating.

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