Free software, digital liberties

Free software, digital liberties

Show us the money

Ten millions euro a year, three years, starting last year. A lot of money to innovation and open source for the Public Administration, financed by the National Italian Government. Nobody seems to have seen them, so somebody questioned the Ministry.

Stefano Maffulli has a campaign logo:

Dove sono finiti i fondi per il Software Libero?

Roberto Galoppini reports:

Interview to /me and Mark Webbink

Long forgotten, I have found again an article bearing an interview I gave to a very competent journalist, Dennis Byron, for ebizQ. The interview turned to be a recount by Dennis of the at-the-time current status of the Microsoft vs. EU Commission case. This is before the recent events that brought to an agreement between the Samba Team, through the Protocol Freedom Information Foundation, and Microsoft (more details in my related entry).